October 27 2pm to 4:30pm

About this workshop

 Soul Healing is an energy journey guided through gentle physical movement, live music, energy clearing, guided meditation, vibrational shifting, and individual healing for each participant from the Akashic Field and Native American Guides. Emily Laine and Robert Layton create a sacred container for transformation and guide the group and each individual on the journey their soul would like to take. Our work is syncretic and all inclusive; all who feel called are welcome!

We come to embody our Highest Selves more fully,

We come to break free of unconsciousness,

To find answers for our Soul Path,

We come to be more and more fully Who We Really Are. 

Fee for the workshop is $45.

We have space for about 14 participants so please sign up early to insure your spot. This is a first come first serve afternoon as we most likely will fill quickly. Please register here or call to reserve your spot.